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February 7, 2023

Indoor arenas for hire in Sydney

Clifden Park indoor arena

If you’re looking for an indoor arena to hire in Greater Sydney to help keep your horse in work and escape the rain or the heat, this blog post is for you!

One thing I saw a lot in 2022 was people asking around in facebook groups for indoor arenas in Sydney. While I’m hoping we don’t need this list quite as often as we did last year, I’ve gone and made one anyway. Check out the available indoor arenas for hire in the Hawkesbury, Hills & North Sydney and Nepean, listing as much helpful information as I could find!

At the end I’ve also listed a couple of venues with undercover round yards for those of you trying to work your breakers!

Special thanks to the owners of these venues for providing me with extra pieces of info, all so local Sydney equestrians like you can find the perfect indoor arena to hire.

All information is current at the time of posting, and will be updated as often as I can – but be sure to reach out to these venues directly to confirm.



Indoor arenas for hire in the Hawkesbury

Hawkesbury Riding Club, Clarendon

Arena size & surface: 60mx20m sand arena

Hire availability: Monday to Saturday only.

Terms of hire: Available to non HRC members provided they are EA insured (must be sighted). No dogs or stallions permitted on the grounds. Any coaches on site must be an EA coach.

Lights: Not available

Mirrors: Not available

Lunging facilities: Small fenced area (HRC Beginner’s Ring)

Toilet facilities: unavailable

Washing facilities: Available

Parking: Plentiful

Graded/watered: Only prior to a clinic, not before individual use.

Other available features: Poles are available outside of the arena, but can’t be used inside the indoor

Hire pricing: $30ph/per horse for non-members.

Conditions of hire: Bookings must be made minimum 24 hours prior. Must be paid prior to use. Grounds are locked, keys must be collected from Pitt Town for any bookings.

To book or for further information: email or text Gail via mgbenson@bigpond.com or 0407017066

You can visit Hawkesbury Riding Club”s website or facebook page.


Dianne White arena – Image: supplied

Dianne White, Agnes Banks

Arena size & surface: 60x20m sand arena

Hire type: Private or share with a friend

Lights: Not available

Mirrors: One mirror on shortside

Lunging facilities: Not available

Washing facilities: With hot water, included

Parking: Plenty available

Graded/watered: Most days

Hire pricing: $25/ph per horse private, or $20/ph per horse if sharing with a friend

To book and for further information: Contact Dianne on 0414 835 182


Ballodair Park Equestrian, Wilberforce

Arena size & surface: Indoor: 65x25m, Martin Collins surface – sand, wax, fibre. Outdoor: 60m x20m Martin Collins surface.

Hire type: Maximum four per hire in indoor, maximum two outdoors.

Lights: Available for an extra $5 per session

Mirrors: Indoor: full length mirrors over one long side and one short side. Outdoor: short wall – quarter length mirror over A and longside at F; quarter length

Lunging facilities: Roundyard with Martin Collins surface

Washing facilities: Outdoors included – cold only.

Parking: Plentiful parking on tarmac

Graded/watered: Regular grading, water not needed

Other available features: Sound system; sheltered yards for tacking up; instructors permitted on site; also available for hire includes cross country course (from beginner to 1*); grass showjumping area and gallop track (700m sand – racing not permitted, maximum four horses)

Seating: Currently limited – seating area due for completion by mid 2023.

Hire pricing: Arenas starting from $25/ph per horse for dressage. Payment currently only available via cash – correct amount preferred.

To book: Via facebook messenger.

Conditions of hire: Client must set up/take down any jumps in arenas. Beginner cross country riders must have a coach present.

For further information: Visit the Ballodair Park Facebook page


Evans Park Equestrian, Freeman’s Reach

Arena size & surface: 60mx20m Martin Collins sand/fibre mix

Hire type: Private hire is attempted, but can’t be guaranteed

Hire availability: Monday-Sunday, 7am-5pm, after sunset available on request

Lights: Available for a fee

Mirrors: Not available

Lunging facilities: Undercover 15m roundyard

Washing facilities: Hose at the end of the indoor or an undercover washbay

Parking: Plenty available behind the indoor

Graded/watered: If time allowed between bookings, watered and graded

Other available features:
Plenty of undercover seating, includes a fridge, microwave, cups, bathrooms
Coaches are welcome to teach on the property
Jumps and poles (usually in the arena – if removed, must be returned to how you found it)

Hire pricing: $35/ph per horse

To book: evansparkequestrian.com/book-now

For further information: Check out the Evans Park Equestrian website


Bates Equestrian, Wilberforce (previously Willow Park)

Note – Bates is currently undergoing maintenance and so hire is currently paused – keep an eye on their social media for updates!

Arena size & surface: 20m x 45m sand (outdoor dressage arena of 60m x 20m)

Lights: available

Mirrors: Short wall, over A and the longsides

Other available features: showjumping and cross country course

For further information: Check out the Bates Equestrian facebook page


Indoor arenas for hire in the Hills District & North Sydney

Ghostwood Equestrian, Dural

Arena size & surface: 60mx20m soiltex dressage arena
Hire type: Both shared and private hire available

Hire availabilities: Seven days per week from 9am-7pm

Lights: Available for an additional fee

Mirrors: One full shortside

Lunging facilities: Outdoor roundyard with sand surface (soon to be soiltex) and rubber lining

Washing facilities: Outdoor cold washbay complimentary, indoor heated washbay available for a fee

Parking: restricted, maximum two floats per timeslot.
Coaches, lessons: maximum one lesson per shared timeslot.

Graded/watered: Every 2-3 days

Other available features include:

Pivo (allows filming of your ride via horse tracking) is available.
Poles and jumps are complimentary, as long as the arena is returned to its prior state before leaving.
A viewing platform with lounge overlooking the arena is available, perfect for small clinics or lessons.
A speaker system is available to listen to music as you ride, with a microphone available for clinics.

If raining, undercover tie ups are available.

Hire pricing: Starting from $25/ph per horse. Members or Northolm Equestrian and Arcadia Pony Club receive a discount.

To book: http://liberty-estate.square.site

For further information, contact Michele via agistmentcentre72@gmail.com or 0422 151 678. Don’t forget to follow Ghostwood Equestrian on facebook to keep up to date.


Clifden Park indoor arena

Clifden Park – Image: supplied

Clifden Park Stables, Arcadia

Arena size & surface: 60x20m soiltex

Hire type: Casual/Shared, Exclusive, Jumping, Clinics available

Hire availability: Seven days per week, although preference is given to agisters and avaiability is not guaranteed. Monday to Friday from 6.30am – 6pm

Lights: Available for a fee

Mirrors: Short wall at C, H and M

Lunging facilities: Round-yard only, irrigated and graded Soiltex. 17m post and rail with rubber.

Washing facilities: Access to the external hot/cold wash bay only, available for a fee (no extended shampooing).

Parking: Tarmac turning circle with ample space for large floats and trucks – parking guided by venue owners. 

Graded/watered: Regularly

Seating: Chairs in the arena or breezeway

Other available features: Yards available for second horses. Reward programs for regulars.

Hire pricing: From $25/ph per horse (shared)

To book: Book directly via the booking link

Conditions of hire: Signed waivers required. All riders and coaches must be current insured EA members. Helmets required. Hay and manure must be removed.

For further information: Visit Clifden Park’s facebook page


Gracelands Equestrian – Image: supplied

Gracelands Equestrian

Arena size & surface: 40x20m soiltex and sand

Hire type: Shared or private, 1-3 day clinics

Lights: Available for a fee

Mirrors: Nil

Lunging facilities: Only in the arena if moving up and down, otherwise an uncovered sand roundyard – usage time must be within the hour hired.

Washing facilities: Covered, lit, hot/cold washbay available for a fee

Parking: Float parking on site

Graded/watered: A few times weekly

Other available features: Poles and one portable jump, Pixeo filming, 1.1km trail access as a cool down, undercover grooming bays, undercover recreation area for clinic participants

Hire pricing: Starting from $25 ph/shared or $35 ph/private

To book: Contact Karen Norsa on 0404338652 or knknazoo@hotmail.com, or private message on facebook

Conditions of hire: Cancellation fee of 50% if within 24 hours of booking time

For further information: Visit the Gracelands Equestrian Glenorie facebook page


Phisher Park Equestrian, Duffy’s Forest

Arena size & surface: 60x30m arena – 3/4 covered

Hire availability: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

Lights: Included, come on automatically

Mirrors: Short wall contains a single mirror each over centreline and longsides

Other available features: Includes a sheltered viewing area, perfect for clinics, includes jumps and pole access.

To book: Visit the Phisher Park Equestrian app

Conditions of hire: Minimum 24 hour notice to book

For further information: Head to the Phisher Park Equestrian Facebook page or download the app


Indoor arenas for hire in the Nepean

Harlequin Park, Mulgoa

Arena size & surface: Approx 25m x 80m riversand

Hire type: Shared or private

Lights: Available for a fee

Mirrors: Half an arena on the long wall

Lunging facilities: Lunging permitted on the arena

Washing facilities: Hot/cold available

Parking: Mix of tarmac and grass, can be limited in wet weather

Graded/watered: Watered daily, graded twice weekly

Other available features: Equissage available for hire; showjumps available

Seating: Currently limited to deck chairs, but seating upgrades are in the plans

Hire pricing: $20ph/per horse

To book: Facebook message or contact Liz on 0407 766 904

For further information: Visit the Harlequin Park Facebook page


Cooinda Park Equine, Mulgoa.

Arena size: 70m x 35m

Hire type: Shared or exclusive available

Hire availability: 8am-9pm Monday-Sunday

Lights: Well lit with no shadows, available for a fee

Mirrors: Nil

Washing facilities: Hot/cold, 3 minute rinse maximum

Graded/watered: Misting sprinkler system on automatic timer for dust suppression

Other available features: Mechanical cow available for hire

Hire pricing: $30ph/per horse shared

To book: Contact Tracy on 0411 640 143

For further information: Head to the Cooinda Park Facebook Page or Cooinda Park Website

Undercover roundyards in the Hawkesbury

Evans Park Equestrian, Freemans Reach

Check out more info on Evans Park on their section up above!

Leaning Willow Lodge, South Windsor

Leaning Willow Lodge have an undercover roundyard for hire, with plans for an undercover arena in the not-too-distant future! You can find Leaning Willow Lodge on their website or on their facebook page.

Hope this helps!

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Seasonal mini sessions (sunflower, autumn, lavender, wattle, Christmas mini sessions)

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