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March 5, 2023

Evie & Noble | Horse and rider photo session | Douglas Park

Evie’s family wanted to give back to her as a recognition of all of her hard work she’s put in to making her equestrian dream come true with her beautiful Clydie cross Kaimanawa, Noble. What better way to celebrate than with an equine photo session?

Like so many of us, Evie caught the horse bug via her family, when her granddad sewed the seeds. Evie is a tough cookie and has worked hard to make sure she can have Noble in her life. A big turning point in their relationship came after the terrible bushfires in 2019 threatened Noble’s safety, and as you can imagine, she’s been thoroughly protective of him ever since! They’ve had a rocky road at times but it’s only made their connection stronger. She feels like over the last year or so their connection on the ground has finally translated to under saddle, and it’s all really clicked.

Evie’s into real talk, which I appreciate, and when asked to tell me a bit about Noble, the first thing she did was laugh and tell me he’s a pain in the butt and stubborn – he somehow manages to be an asshole and a real gentleman. She went on to say that he’s a total softie though, and loves to be the centre of attention. She loves how he can be so goofy, and they’re free to mess around and play together – she feels like he’s so unlike any other horse she knows. And of course, that he’s a stunner, and knows he’s pretty (when you’ve seen all of the pictures, I think you’ll agree!) He knows which battles to pick, and while he tests Evie (sometimes almost like bickering siblings), he’s so gentle and careful around Evie’s family, especially her baby sister – he’s earned the whole family’s trust.

The session day

We used the trails available at Evie’s work and agistment centre, MJ Agistment and Spelling, based at Douglas Park NSW.

Evie started in a lovely green dress which worked beautifully with the background colours and Noble’s vibrant coat.

Noble was quite amenable when there were carrots involved… just check this before and after!

There’s nothing quite like bareback photos!

Evie changed into her second outfit, a white playsuit. I loved it, it gave plenty of options for posing, on the ground and bareback!

Noble’s turn to shine in some solo equine portraits

While Evie got changed into her final country outfit, we took some solo portraits of Noble, with the help of Evie’s boyfriend, all to maximise every second of the setting sun!

Finally, we captured some sweet moments where Noble posed like a star as the sun crept lower and gave us the most gorgeous orange tones.

The artwork:

Evie selected an album full of her favourite memories, complete with some lettering on the box to bring it all together. It was finished off with one of her favourite photographs on album cover.

P.S. How beautiful are the woven linen covers? They’re so underrated! Glad Evie rated them and you can all see how pretty they are.

You might recognise Evie from being crowned as the 2022 Horse of the Year Winner, and you can see her winning framed canvas here!

See more moments from our equine photo session:

Here’s what Evie had to say about her photo session:

“I was a bit skeptical going into the session, not sure whether or not the photoshoot would be able to capture the bond that Noble and I share. However, once we got started I knew that it was going to be great! The atmosphere throughout the whole experience was so relaxing, blowing away (along with the wind) all of my nerves when face to face to a camera.

I think my favourite part of the whole experience was just being able to have our connection captured in a moment, and also being able to laugh at Lexi’s amazing assistant when trying to get Nobles ears forward! The session, for me, was a great time spent being able to reconnect with my horse after not being able to spend much time with him over the last few months. It made me realise that although not spending time together, our connection is still cemented between us both!

Lexi and the HSP team were amazing! Working through a windy day, they put all their effort into being able to capture some great moments between Noble and I, going to great lengths to get us both looking amazing, whilst being able to work through both of our short attention spans!”

Thank you Evie for your kind words!!

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Seasonal mini sessions (sunflower, autumn, lavender, wattle, Christmas mini sessions)

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