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My promise to all horse-lovers who work with me:

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A photographer who gets it: the roller-coaster journey of being an equestrian.

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Memories which capture the essence of who you two are.

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My promise to you is stunning photographs which remind you why you do this: for the love of horses.

Instead, your photos will capture your relationship; your horse’s quirks, their beauty, the way you look at them. Those are the things which turn the uncertainty you feel after a bad ride into hope and determination.

And because I want your photographs to have that power, I make sure they’re more than just headshots. More than a photograph of you which happens to include a horse.

I want to capture photographs which do that for you. Photographs which lift you up and remind you why you do this crazy thing on those hard days.

I want to capture photographs which do that for you:

Photographs which lift you up and remind you why you do this crazy thing on those hard days.

I’ve been there - building back my confidence, brick by brick, with the help of my horse Arthur.  Six years later, and I'm still recovering after my self-belief was crushed by a young horse I wasn’t ready for. We still have bad days, of course - but I’m at a point now where I can use the good memories and the things I love about him to lift me up, even when it gets tough. Those photographs help get me through when I feel low.

You share a partnership where you put your lives in each other’s hands. You willingly adopt a lifestyle of cold mornings, eternal fret, and often no social life. Sometimes, it can feel too much. It’s freakin’ tough!

The connection between a horse and their human is unlike anything else.

The connection between a horse and their human is unlike anything else.

You go through hell and back together on this roller-coaster of a journey.

you go through hell and back together on this roller-coaster of a journey.

I’ve been there - building back my confidence, brick by brick, with the help of my horse Arthur. 

Six years later, and I'm still recovering after my self-belief was crushed by a young horse I wasn’t ready for. We still have bad days, of course - but I’m at a point now where I can use the good memories and the things I love about him to lift me up, even when it gets tough. 

Those photographs help to get me through when I feel low.

01. The love you have for your horse is all-consuming;
it’s unlike anything in the world

02. You can’t even remember what clean nails look like and there’s probably half a biscuit of hay down your bra right now

03. Your horse never wants for anything, but you find it hard to give back to yourself

04. You’re a down to earth equestrian who loves to laugh

05. The thought of a photo session makes you anxious, but with the right guidance you think you could do it

06.When you see a photograph of you and your horse,
you see the horse first, and you second

07. Horses are the cornerstone of your identity - you want your home covered in decor and art which captures that

08. Your dream photographs are more about capturing intimate moments with you and your horse - you’re not so fussed about the “smile at the camera!” headshots

You might be a HSP horse lover if...

Think we're a perfect match?
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the experience

I cannot speak highly enough about the experience. Lexi was clearly comfortable and familiar with horses. My horse is notoriously bad for photos, but her impressive bag of tricks and commitment to getting some amazing shots made all the difference. At no point did I feel like I would be put in a position that I felt unsafe or uncomfortable. Lexi was determined to get the best out of my horse. I highly recommend Lexi for anyone who wants to capture special memories with their horse!


"I cannot speak highly enough of the 

emma + bob
horse & rider + fine art session

I was initially anxious about what to expect, but the pre- session information package put a lot of those anxieties aside. Add to that, Lexi's easy going nature put me at ease on the day. My favourite part was watching how much my horses were relaxed and rose to the occasion by posing like professionals. Lexi is the complete package. Her professional, kind, easy going and relaxed approach makes the whole experience seamless. Definitely worth it just for the experience, ending in lifelong memories.


"Lexi's kind, easy going and relaxed approach makes the whole experience

stoli & dolly for nicole
christmas session

I loved every minute of my photoshoot. I'm very proud of my photos and the blog post tells the whole story of the photoshoot.

You have done an amazing job! I love my photos so much! I'm so happy with all of my printed products - they're of great quality, and especially the album has an amazing feel to it. Originally I was planning on gifting the album to my parents, but now I'm unsure if I don't want to keep it for myself! 

every minute

"I loved

of my photoshoot"

"I loved

of my photoshoot"

Nathalie & RHAPSODY

Thank you so so much for the incredible job you have done! I can't thank you enough. I'm forever grateful to you for capturing my love for him.


"I'm forever grateful to you for

fiona & ollie
HORSE & RIDER, equine portraits & equine fine art SESSION

You were very honest, trustworthy and easy to work with. I thought it was going to be awkward with Rocky and my height difference, but it was solved perfectly with the right poses and positioning. I loved the bareback work and how much effort the whole team put into getting the right photos. I had so much fun and Rocky loved his adventure. My session made me feel very special. 


"I had so much fun. It made me feel very

Taylah & rocky
HORSE & RIDER and  equine portrait SESSION

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You deserve the best experience. That’s why I want to make sure I’m the right choice for you.

As much as I would love to, I can’t take every session I’m approached to photograph. I become genuinely invested in every one of my clients’ equine love stories, and serve them well. That’s why it’s important I work with horse lovers with shared values.

I’d love to hear more about you and your horse’s story.
Complete the contact form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


learn more about the values which underpin our time together. 

i believe...

click the drop down menu. CLICK IT AGAIN TO HIDE IT :)

tap the drop down menu. tap IT AGAIN TO HIDE IT :)

1. Your horse is as important to your life as any human

I’d say don’t tell my other half.. but he knows. Arthur means just as much to me as the humans in my life. And if I’d get family photos, or wedding photos, then I’ll sure as hell get the horse photos.
What about you?

2. You shouldn’t need to be a national champion to celebrate your connection with your horse.

My photo sessions are for the everyday equestrians to celebrate their relationship - no special occasion or win required.

I know what it’s like to wait for the perfect milestone to come along to give your permission to give back to yourself- I did it for years with Arthur. I’ve spent five years building back my confidence with him after it was crushed by my previous young horse in a classic case of ‘green and green makes black and blue’. I can’t count the times I felt that I would only be deserving of that special thing I wanted when Arthur and I reached some arbitrary goal I would set. Then we would reach that goal... and the goal posts would move further back. Again and again I’d reach the my goal, only to still feel not enough.

I’ve come to a point now where I won’t do that to myself anymore. I’ve accepted that I am a work in progress and always will be - and that’s okay! Some days I have to fake it til I make it, and tell myself it’s okay until I believe it, but more and more I do. So I used the fancy saddle pad. I had the photo session. I ordered the prints. And there’s never been a time I regretted doing any of those things because “it would be so much more special if I’d done them now to celebrate X”. Those memories couldn’t get any more special to me.

So whether you ride, compete, win, or none of the above… I know you pour your heart and soul into your horse. And I think that’s enough. For every time you’ve given up a night with friends, a Sunday sleep in, or staying dry and warm inside to feed, rug or do a night check in the pouring rain, for every time it got hard and you got harder- that’s worth celebrating.

3.You deserve guidance and support in planning, and on the day of your session.

When you book with HSP, you benefit from planning support in the form of my welcome pack, our pre-session consultation, and the overall experience of working with an approachable photographer who you can message at any time.

My client magazine covers tips on selecting your outfit so it flatters you and works with your horse’s coat, presentation, and provides an overview of what to expect.

You’ll also enjoy a pre-session consult where we get to the nitty-gritty of your dreams and values. Let’s talk the perfect timeline, the perfect art, and most of all the perfect day.

Check in often! I’ll do it with you, and you can do it with me. That means text me at any time with outfit and location ideas. Send me that selfie of you and your horse to let me know you’re excited. Ask me that ‘stupid question (I swear it’s not stupid)!

During your session you won’t need to worry about knowing what to do. I’ll continue to give you guidance and help set you and your horse up to look your best, in positions which lead to genuine moments.

After your session, I’ll even help you narrow down your selections (there are so many phenomenal moments to choose!) and provide advice on the perfect artwork which suits your home and lifestyle. 

4.In equine photo sessions which are actually fun

All of the prep and planning will pay off when on the day of your session you feel comfortable around me. Being in front of the camera is hard enough, let alone doing it in front of a total stranger! I’ll have gotten to the bottom of your values so well that you’ll know all bases are covered, and you can switch off and relax on the day.

This means you get to actually enjoy an afternoon to just be with your horse. No pressure, no where else to be, just making something magical: memories.

Not to mention that I bring a playful, down-to-earth vibe to every session. I don’t take myself too seriously so you’ll find me doing all kinds of crazy stuff to get those genuine laughs and smiles! By the end, you won’t believe you were ever nervous about having eyes on you - you’ll be too busy laughing along with the crazy antics from me, my helpers and your friends!

5. Your horse is the centre-piece of my work, not an accessory 

I offer an experience which I like to call “horse-focussed photography.” This means that my photo sessions show you with your horse. Engaging with them, loving on them. Your relationship and the way you feel about them will take the stage. I don't take photographs where the human couldn’t seem to care less that the horse is even there.

You know what I’m talking about. Those photographs you see in catalogues, or something straight out of a fashion magazine - it’s a photograph of a person where the horse is essentially an accessory. The horse in question often looks bored, uncomfortable, or both. 

That’s not what I’ll do for you. I don’t take photographs of people which happen to include a horse. My photographs have my horse lovers engaging with their horse. That means less ‘smile at the camera!’ and more intimate moments of you and your horse. While those moments have their place and they can of course are included, your session with me will be filled with eye contact, pats, kisses, bear hugs and more.

6. The love you have for your horse is extraordinary, so you shouldn’t settle for ordinary images

Your love is breathtaking, so your photos should be, too. As a HSP client, your images will receive the utmost care and attention. I don’t provide my clients with anything less than I would accept of Arthur on my own wall. So you can rest assured that when you choose HSP, you’re investing in the best possible attention to detail.

It’s important to me that I get the best out of your horse, and make you look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. That’s why I invest in my education: that means training, courses, and resources from some of the best photographers in the world. Not just human photographers either - I believe your horse should look their best too, so I’ve invested in education specifically on posing and editing for horses.

When you work with me, I’ll use photoshop magic to make your images perfect. That means fixing a lazy ear, a closed eye, removing leads and using my special ‘naked halter.’ These edits are included in my collections.

I love for my images to evoke the light and joy your horse brings into your life. That’s why my images are edited in a style which is light, airy and whimsical, moreso than a dark and moody style. No style is more correct - it’s purely a matter of personal preference for what tone you want from your images.

Finally, my images offer a unique editing process which I like to call ‘contouring’. As make-up gurus would know, contouring is the process of using light and shadow to emphasise flattering features. This process is done by hand, and essentially results in me having almost done a digital painting of your horse on top of the photograph itself. Some photographers apply this level of detail to the human but not the horse (or not at all). Unique to the HSP experience and my horse-focussed style, this is applied attentively to you and your horse. This brings something truly special to your memories.

7. In the power of printed photographs

I’m forever putting off copying my thousands of Arthur photos from my phone to my computer, despite being constantly harassed by ‘dangerously low storage’ warnings. Why, you ask? Because I know the uncomfortable truth: once they're on my harddrive, I’ll rarely, (truthfully, never) look at them again.

That’s not what I want for the memories I’ll create with you. These memories are meant to be cherished, and experienced. They aren’t meant for a life of being hidden away on the computer, or to be quickly double-tapped and then to keep scrolling and forget.

I’ll help you make the impermanent permanent through the power of print.

When you hold your printed memories in your hand, they invoke all of your senses, and you truly experience them. Research even shows that the human eye spends more time on printed images, soaking up every last detail.

When your memories are buried away on your hard-drive, you need to remember your session and then seek out your photographs. Instead, when printed and proudly displayed, your memories come flooding back every day to spark joy into your life. Every time your eyes fall over your wall art or your album, you are transported you back in time. Your horse becomes embedded into your home in the best way. You’ll get out of bed each morning and your eyes land on your wall art. When your friends come over, they’ll pick up the album sitting on your coffee table and actually ask you about your horse (don’t tell me you weren’t waiting to bring them up!). Every day you have printed art in your home, you will allow unplanned joy and memories to come into your life.

I want that joy for you. I want your horse and your relationship to be immortalised through print. Because of this, all collections include a product credit or an album to take pride of place in your home.

8.In being your hype queen in your session and beyond

Hype queen, cheerleader, call it what you want - but the outcome is the same. You’re not getting a stuffy, unpersonable photographer when you work with me.

Being in front of the camera isn’t easy, and not just for one reason.

I know it can feel awkward, like everyone’s staring at you. But besides the fun antics and laughs we’ll get up to, you can count on plenty of guidance and most of all, reassurance that YES you do look like a million bucks!

After your session I don’t ride off into the sunset, but I hang around. My job is to make you feel damn good about yourself, and that doesn’t end just because the photo session does. I’m that person still commenting on your wins three years later. Because frankly, I give a damn about you, your horse, and your story.

my why

for the madly in love equestrians:

I capture the images which remind you why you do this. Why you choose the equestrian lifestyle and the many sacrifices that come along with it. Why you’d choose that lifestyle over and over without a second thought: for the love of the horse. Not just any horse - your horse.

For every good ride, for every bad ride, for every ugly ride, for every time you couldn’t ride at all; for their sweet expression, for their nicker when they see you have food, for every time they are a pain in the ass but you can’t stay mad at them for even a second… That’s why you do this.

And truly capturing your horse, your reason to keep going...  that’s why I do this - to remind you of that.

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There are so many amazing photographers who offer different looks and experiences. 

This is great because it means you can find the perfect match for you - but does make it tricky when making a decision!

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Committing to a photo session can be daunting. That's why I’ve built a full-service experience where you’ll have guidance from day one. That includes booking, planning, guiding you through the session, selecting photos and organising prints.

I'll be with you every step of the way.

As much as I'd like to, I can't photograph every horse lover and their beloved horse!

Get in touch to make sure our schedules match up. After a quick call or zoom to make sure we're the right fit for each other, we'll go through the collections and customise your experience so it's perfect for you.

relish the hsp experience

I believe every equestrian deserves these precious memories, but deciding to go through with your photo session can be daunting. So I’ve built a full-service experience where you’ll have guidance from day one. 
From making your first booking, planning your session and choosing locations to guiding you through the session, selecting photos and organising prints. I'll be with you every step of the way so that you'll never feel lost or overwhelmed.

the experience

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