Christmas Shoot, Equine Portrait

October 6, 2020

Davina | Horse Christmas Wreath photoshoot | 2020

And for once I don’t mean COVID-19… I’m talking Christmas.

I confess, I’m a Christmas-aholic. My trees (yes, trees – I have one in the dining and living room, each with a different colour theme!) go up in November. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, afterall, and it’s true – everyone really is their warmest and kindest around Christmas. So in summary, and in case you can’t tell… I love Christmas.

I love that everyone finds a way to give their Christmas a special stamp. Whether it’s a relaxed lunch followed by a food-induced nap, a formal affair, a getaway, whether you have someone dress up as Santa or it’s “no presents!”, there’s always a way to make Christmas your own. So it only makes sense that your Christmas represents what you love and what makes you you. Which is your love of horses.

Christmas Equine Photography sessions allow you to share your love of horses with your friends and family. Sessions include two digital images and the option to add products such as Christmas Tree decorations and Greeting Cards. Please note: product sessions must be booked in October to allow ample time for production and delivery – delivery times are ballooning due to COVID-19.

What does a session look like?
Equine Christmas Sessions are structured just like an equine fine art session, taken in a shaded location such as shed or stable breezeway, in front of a black backdrop. The backdrop and garland will be introduced slowly to your horse with lots of encouragement to ensure it’s a positive experience for all. These items, along with a bag of tricks to assist in posing and getting even the most stubborn of ears forward, will be supplied by myself.

Christmas Session Inclusions
Online welcome pack and presentation guide
30 minutes of travel time from Schofields 2762
75-90 minute session
Up to 30 minutes of shooting time
Shortlist of images presented in a password protected gallery
2 social media sized images with a high quality edit


$200 per horse for groups of 3 horses or more.
Travel applied as 30 minutes per horse (i.e. 1.5 hours travel included for three horses – free of charge)

Add ons:

Additional images with a black background edit:

  • One: $80 | Two: $70 ea | Three + : $60 ea

Christmas baubles:

  • Two pack: $70 | Three pack*: $90

*(excludes $80 for additional image edit)
Christmas cards:

  • Five pack: $45 | Twenty pack: $100 | Fifty pack: $160

I can’t wait to help you involve your equine partner in your Christmas celebrations this year, and represent you as the horse lover you are.

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Pop-up studio at horse shows

Group sessions with friends or at your agistment available on request

Seasonal mini sessions (sunflower, autumn, lavender, wattle, Christmas mini sessions)

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