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June 29, 2020

Emma & Bob | Equine Photosession in her own Backyard | 2020

Emma and Bob

In late February I had the pleasure of meeting Emma and her 14 year old Paint / Thoroughbred gelding ‘Blue Mtn HezTwoBobsWorth’ or as we know him, Bob!

Emma was originally thinking of a black background session for Bob, as she didn’t think her Londonderry property had too many flattering backdrops. I asked for a few photos of her property and then saw that there were some lovely spots to work with, so we locked in a Premium session.

I started the evening meeting the welcome party, Emma’s lovely dogs Edna and Leo. I then met Bob who was beautifully clean and tied up ready to go. One carrot later and he decided that I wasn’t so bad! Shortly after I met Emma and Esme, her best friend, who bought her a voucher as a Christmas gift. Esme was invaluable at the session, going from Emma’s hairdresser to cheerleader with my pom poms from my bag of attention grabbers! After a tour of the property we got started on the black background session in Emma’s shed, showing that you don’t need a barn aisle or stable breezeway to make it work. Bob was too wise and mature to snort and arch his neck at some of the toys I brought, but once again the carrot was supreme and he became happy to play along!

We then moved on to the ‘Equestrian Lifestyle’ part of the session, to a corner of Emma’s property which featured a lovely pond and tall reeds to work with. We were blessed with the recent rain, as Emma told me the area was dry as a bone a few weeks before. Although we scheduled the shoot for ‘golden hour’, the weather hung around, and we found ourselves in an overcast but dry day. However, this was actually a blessing in disguise as full sun wouldn’t have allowed such beautiful shots at the pond. As it was, the location was perfect, with great shots on a rustic log (complete with ants who apparently weren’t too keen on their log invader – but Emma said the bites were worth it!), and delightful shots among the reeds. Bob did so well and lasted for quite some time, but by the end when we had to pull out some pretty big moves to get his ears up as playing horse neighs from my phone no longer worked. Esme did a hilarious crouching and creeping towards him with a car windshield reflector draped over back to get our last shot of the day. We finished the day with a couple of liberty shots as Bob galloped up to get his dinner (with only minor grumbling that it was a bit late!).

Here’s what Emma had to say about her session:

“This was my first time having a photoshoot done with my horse, and I cannot speak highly enough about the experience. Lexi was prompt, professional and clearly comfortable and familiar with horses. My horse is notoriously bad for photos, but her impressive bag of tricks and commitment to getting some amazing shots made all the difference. At no point did I feel like I would be put in a position that I felt unsafe or uncomfortable and Lexi was respectful of my wishes and determined to get the best out of my horse. She did a great job in less than ideal circumstances and absolutely made the most of the time we had to work together. I highly recommend Lexi’s services for anyone who wants to capture some special memories with their horse!”

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Seasonal mini sessions (sunflower, autumn, lavender, wattle, Christmas mini sessions)

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