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June 1, 2021

Nathalie, Rhapsody, Lexy & Bullet | Horse & Rider photoshoot with two dogs | 2021

There was no stopping us getting this session in! After non-stop rain and a few reschedules later, some last minute tussles with paddock mates resulting in a location change… I finally got to spend an afternoon with Nathalie and her sweet young Waler Arabian cross mare Rhapsody at their Kurmond home.

Joining in on the fun was her cattledog Bullet (Bull for short) and her Irish Wolfhound cross Lexy. While I’m primarily an equine photographer, I love photographing my horse loving clients’ other heart animals – and these girls were full of character!

And yes, there were a few times I whipped my head around whenever someone called out Lexy, only to find out they weren’t talking to me! Never mind why I thought I was being told to sit…

Nathalie said to me that her one wish from our session was a nice family photo. After losing her precious German Shepherd earlier in the year, she felt that she needed to immortalise her fur family, as no day is guaranteed. I’m so glad to say that she had plenty to choose from.

All the family rose to the occasion and put on their best modelling hats. A big thanks goes out to Nathalie’s partner, Seif, who made sure this was the case. He was behind the scenes saying “staaaaaaay”, wrangling leashes, along with the various ‘ear tricks’ I bring in my bag to every session (both equine and canine).

While the assistants at these sessions don’t appear in the images, they are instrumental in making the final results. Truly invaluable!

Just because the session has to end, doesn’t mean the memories need to. Adding to the presentation box of loose prints that are included with all horse and rider sessions, Nathalie selected a petite album and an acrylic block to not only keep her session alive, but to bring her pets in every corner of her home and to gift to her family overseas.

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