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April 9, 2021

Emma, Brendan, Sky & Bob | Couples equine photoshoot with two horses | 2021

Emma and her new mare Sky, her partner Brendan, and her semi-retired paint thoroughbred cross, Bob, photographed at Londonderry.

It’s hard to believe how much has changed since Emma and I met for her session in February last year! We went from strangers to friends thanks to the move to online communication and videocalls. One of the great surprises that comes from being an equine photographer is making new local horsey friends.

In the crazy time that was last year, Emma bought a beautiful young warmblood mare Sky. Officially known as Kenlock Royal Sky, by Indian Sky, Emma found her semi locally in the Camden area.

But a growing herd of paints meant the need to capture new memories, and have wall art to match her prints of Bob! Emma selected both a fine art and horse & rider session to capture her connection with Sky, and to show her off as the fancy mare she is.

Emma and I were determined to get a sunny day for the horse & rider session this time – last year we just squeezed in her session with Bob before his winter coat set in. That meant a few reschedules, including after a freak storm set in literally as I was in my car and driving out! But just a few days later we had this gorgeous sunny day.

Sky was the perfect model to show off a range of available fine art options, including black background, white background and water colour background images.

I can’t wait to see these immortalised in print.
You can see more of Emma’s session with her loved ones below:

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