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August 26, 2022

Am I crazy for wanting a photoshoot with my horse?

For those of you who are out there wondering if it’s a bit crazy to invest in professional photographs and artwork of your horse – the answer is a resounding NO!!

So if you’re thinking of a session, or you have one booked, and get that side eye, you can go ahead and tell the sceptics these reasons, or just share this article!

Let’s be real – the non equestrians already think we’re weird anyway

So maybe I’ll adapt my original statement – getting a photoshoot with your horse is no crazier than the entire lifestyle that comes with being an equestrian.

Think of all of the times you said you weren’t available to your friends because you were riding or at a show. Or their faces if you’ve ever you mentioned the concept of sheath cleaning to non equestrians! Basically, we’re ALREADY considered crazy to the ‘muggles’ (non horsey folk). So no need to worry about it others think we’re weird – they already do! But we wouldn’t let that change us, so why start now?

Your horse is part of your family

Loving an animal like you love your family does seem crazy to some people.

But we know that horses are like family. You wouldn’t think it was crazy to get portraits with your family, or with a partner. And you do love them like you love your family. Sure, it’s sometimes a different kind of love. For many of us our horse is related to our sport, so it’s the kind of love where you may have to sell them. You’ll cry for 2 months after, but you’ll soldier through. And most of all, you’ll always always always cherish those memories and how much you grew together.

You never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory

Let’s face it, we love an animal with the most flawed design. They’re an animal for who a stomach ache can be lethal. I love my horse but I don’t trust him to make good decisions in the paddock.

A lot of my clients come to me because their greatest regret is not having enough photographs, or good quality photographs, of their horse after they passed away or were sold. Having photos can help you through the grieving process.

Immortalise those special moments with your horse with professional photographs

You love your horse unconditionally. They change our lives simply by being in them.  It’s only natural to immortalise that love through gorgeous photos, posed to perfection, with stunning backdrops and the pair of you dolled up to the nines. Memories grow fuzzy with age, but photos are forever. Remember the way they tilt their head at you when you have a treat in your hand? Or the way they make you laugh when they rubbed their muzzle on your face. The feel of their warm, deep breaths on your cheek.

A good photographer will know how to capture the moments that mean the most to you.

With the finished products, the sceptics won’t even question it

Your photographs will be so good that even non-equestrians will understand why we put our hearts, souls, entire bank accounts into our horses. They’ll capture your horse in all of their beauty, the way your face lights up around them, the way they make you feel at home. And it will be so dang obvious that they can’t look at your images without thinking ‘I get it now.’

In summary…

A resounding no, it’s absolutely NOT crazy to hire a professional photographer for a photoshoot with you and your horse. At least, no more crazy than setting five alarms every five minutes starting at 4am so you aren’t late to that show, anyway.

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Pop-up studio at horse shows

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Seasonal mini sessions (sunflower, autumn, lavender, wattle, Christmas mini sessions)

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