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July 26, 2022

6 reasons to book your horse’s photoshoot in Winter

If you’re wondering ‘can I still do my horse’s photoshoot in winter?’ the answer is YES.

I know, I know, everyone dreams of a session with their horse in their fully fledged Summer coat. It’s tempting to leave your session until the middle of Summer… but you’d be missing out on these six things!

Read on for the six reasons to have your photo session in Winter (or early Spring)!

horse and rider in their equine photoshoot
Prince probably thinking about dinner since it was nearly 8pm and all…

1. No late nights for you or your horse!

Your equine photo session will take place in the late afternoon, at golden hour, when the sun is the most beautiful and flattering.

By the Summer Solstice in late December, this means your session could be finishing as late as EIGHT pm. The light will be worth it but yeesh talk about a whole day of prep and then a late night, right? With a winter session, that’s not an issue. We can be finishing as early as 4.30pm, with you and your horse home in time for tea!

Humid summer equine photoshoot

2. You’re not totally melting for your photoshoot

Having your hair sticking to your forehead, your thighs sticking to your horse when you hop on bareback, and just generally feeling like a sticky mess… it’s the unfortunate reality of those glamorous summer photographs. Sydney humidity is no joke! But with an early Spring or winter session, you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Drizzling equine photoshoot
A bit of sun enhancement to hide how these two were SOAKING wet in reality.

3. Less rain in Winter and early Spring

… usually.

While this year has been ridiculously wet thanks to La Nina, in a normal year, the good old BOM tells us that July, August and September have the fewest wet days per month. That means fewer reschedules to avoid getting drenched! February and March on the other hand, for those trying to squeeze in a session before the winter woolies kick in, are the wettest months of the year. So don’t delay! 

Layers for your winter horse photoshoot

4. There’s nothing like those long, slow Winter sunsets 

The sun being lower in the sky means you get the beautiful golden sun lasting for so much longer! 

In Summer the light goes quickly from unflattering midday light to pretty light and then it’s gone.

Winter sun is PERFECT if you have a lot of horses and dogs you’re trying to fit in to your photo session. 

5. It’s all about the layers

No… not those layers

Winter is a chance to rock your cute layers. I’m talking your scarves, vests, and all of those things you’d never dream of wearing in Summer! You know all of those outfits which are just made by having a gorgeous jacket or cardi? Well in Winter and early Spring you get to channel your inner fashionista and show them off. 

Horse in winter coat for their equine photoshoot

6. Your horse can still look a million bucks in their winter coat!

The biggest thing you might be worried about… your horse’s coat.

Just check out DaVinci here in all of his fluffy glory. I think he still looks pretty schmik! 

On the other hand, if you’re used to clipping your horse every year, I think it only makes sense to capture that aspect of them – it is how you see them for a good quarter or more of the year, after all.

If you stable your horse under lights or use products like the Equilume, your horse may still have their coat and so you’ll get all of these benefits without needing to worry about your coat at all – best of both worlds!

Girl touches horse in photoshoot

In summary, your winter horse photoshoot will be pretty special. Now, let’s book that thing!

Want an early season session?

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Seasonal mini sessions (sunflower, autumn, lavender, wattle, Christmas mini sessions)

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