September 14, 2022

8 tips to choose what to wear for your equine photoshoot

There are two major reasons to put some love into what you wear to your equine photo session.

1. It sets the tone for your photographs

An image of you and your horse where you’re wearing a fitted blazer and pants or your competition wear, versus a flowing skirt or just a casual button up and jeans can completely change how the moment comes across.

There is no right answer, and you might want to do both at your session – but what those images can say, can be completely different.

2. It can be either flattering, or… not so much.

There are quite a few optical illusions which pop up in photography. Some are flattering, some aren’t. Your choice of outfit can completely change how you look in your photographs.

There is no other way to put this: the clothes that you might wear to the shops, the stables, or even a night out don’t always translate on camera. 

Have you ever put on a super cute outfit and admired yourself in the mirror, only to see a photo later on and wonder why it doesn’t look the same?

When you walk around in day to day life, your clothes move as you do. However in photography, there isn’t that movement. So if you wear a loose clothing for example, you can look like a rectangle standing next to your horse!

The good news is that there are many ways we can use these optical illusions for good in our outfit choices. Check out tips for these and more below.

8 tips for choosing what to wear for your equine photo session

(‘Gents you’ll have to wait for yours!)

1. Opt for high waisted clothing

Define your waist with high waisted pants, skirts, for dresses, add a belt, or go for options with a tie for your waist, or which are tighter top and flare out. You can combine a top with a long flowing skirt for a really flattering look the lengthens your frame and gives you an air of elegance!

2. Choose V necklines

Don’t ask me why a long neck is flattering, but it is.

Now I’m not saying you need to bare all your secrets, but clothes with a scoop or V neckline elongates the neck and frames the shoulders. Think of the graceful Bridgerton girls and their dresses! You can also choose long necklaces to accentuate this affect.

3. Accessorise!

Who doesn’t love an accessory? There are many things that can enhance your look and style such as hats, jewellery, a watch, scarfs and belts! Make sure they fit with the theme of your shoot. If you’re wearing jewellery, it’s good to try and match your metals with your horse, too. Does your horses tack have silver or gold buckles?

4. Keep patterns to the minimum

Loud, busy patterns can detract from you and your horse’s beauty. Super fine patterns can even become distorted and strangely coloured on camera. Go for subtle and watch you and your horse’s relationship shine.

5. Go easy on the fluoros

Really bright colours can actually cause a reflection back on to your horses and turn their highlights the same colour, which can look pretty strange! Stick to pastels or muted, deep shades of your favourite colours.

6. Consider your poses

If your favourite poses involve you sitting on the ground or on the horse, make sure you can do that easily. You want to enjoy your session, rather than be stressing about your dress riding up your leg or not flowing well over your horse’s back. Make sure your outfits work so you don’t end up taking to your dress with scissors to make a split so you can actually sit on your horse! (Don’t laugh, it’s happened!)

7. Pick a theme (or two…)

It can be helpful to think of an overarching theme for your photo session. Do you dream of images which are boho? Western? Glamorous? Once you’ve picked, it’s easy to then build an accessorise your outfits around it.

When picking your theme, if your goal is artwork in your home, think of what kind of vibe you want in your home, or even in that room. Is it a more formal room, or casual? What’s the decor like?

8. Be you

And finally… choose clothes which reflect you. Now that doesn’t mean if you don’t normally wear a gown, let alone normally wear a gown while around a horse (I have yet to meet this latter person, if they exist), that you can’t wear a fancy dress if you want to. It’s your session. But add your you-ness. Make it a colour you love, wear the western boots with it, accessorise with something sentimental. Or go for one outfit which is classic you and one which is a bit far fetched but just looks really cool.

What next?

Outfits are one of those things that we’ll talk over during our planning call, once you’ve booked your photo session. I also have a bunch more tips and some recommended places to go look for some items if you’re wanting to add to your wardrobe pre-session!

You can find out more about the HSP photo session experience here.

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Seasonal mini sessions (sunflower, autumn, lavender, wattle, Christmas mini sessions)

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