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November 2, 2022

Christmas gift ideas for the equestrian in your life

If you have an equestrian in your life, you’ll know how much we love to buy things for our horse, but buying things for ourselves…?! That’s not so easy.

Take the mystery out of your shopping with my handy gift ideas!

1. Equestrian Jewellery

Wilmont Equestrian

Wilmont Equestrian offers a range of Australian made equine jewellery. Their jewellery range includes leather, metals and jewels.

2. Custom horse hair jewellery

Living Horse Tails

Monika from Living Horse Tails makes Gorgeous Jewellery to help you keep your horse close to you, wherever you go. She can also make jewellery from her own horse’s hair. Based in Goulburn, Monika offers a range of pieces, from rings, to bracelets and pendants, to DIY kits to make your pieces yourself!

Christmas cutoffs for custom pieces are closed, but you can purchase your equestrian loved one a gift certificate!

3. Equestrian Decor

Just Gorgeous Things

Just Gorgeous Things have everything equestrian and rustic to make your home show how proud you are to be an equestrian. You can celebrate the equestrian in your life with a gift card, or a special item from their online store or Parramatta boutique!

4. Subscription to an Equine Magazine

Hoofbeats magazine features articles on riding, training for horse and rider, show preparation and tips, horse management, property management and more.

You can purchase your loved one a gift subscription to the bi-monthly magazine here.

5. Saddlery gift voucher

Head to your local saddlery, like Horseland Richmond for some goodies or a voucher!

6. Custom leatherwork

Alyssa Ford Creations

Custom leather country and western leather creations including belts, wallets, and more. She has also done custom carving on bridles, bit guards and western saddles. Contact Alyssa Ford via her Instagram or Facebook page for more information.

7. Equestrian Performance Assessment


Equestrians love to have the vet, chiro or physio out to see their horse as soon as we sniff something wrong. But having an assessment for ourselves? Sometimes that needs outside intervention (aka a gift) to kick us into gear.

Enter the team of horse and human physiotherapists from Equimotion, specialising in performance solutions for the horse and rider, in the saddle and on the ground.

8. Custom crocheted horse

Knitted Nags

Lorraine from Knitted Nags custom makes crochet horses to match your horse’s coat and markings. Her cutoffs for Christmas have passed, but you can purchase a gift voucher for your equestrian loved one. Get in touch via her Facebook page.

9. Equine Painting

H Equine Art

Hannah can transform a photo of your beloved horse, whether taken professionally or on a smart phone, into a custom painted artwork featuring exquisite detail. Hannah is opening a limited number of commissions soon, just in time for Christmas, so don’t miss out! Contact Hannah via her Instagram page.

10. Equine photography & prints

Half Steps Photography

Well I wouldn’t be very genuine if I didn’t include this in here!

I believe memories are a gift which lasts a lifetime. But many equestrians find it hard to take a leap and say ‘yes, where we are now is enough and I’m happy to celebrate that’. So often we find ourselves waiting for the right moment, but when it comes, we’re then chasing the next.

You can tell the equestrian in your life that where they are now is worth celebrating, worth immortalising forever via a voucher for a photo session.

I know from this year when I bought my best friend a voucher for a photography session, that I struggled to find a photographer who offered a full service experience, including guidance and prints, but also who ensured that my friend could walk away with at least one memory if she didn’t want to spend any more.

For that reason, I’ve made two types of vouchers.


A pre-made voucher collection, which includes a thirty minute session, thirty minutes of travel each way, one memory to keep and a $50 print credit, priced at $290. This is perfect for the equestrian who think would love this and will probably want to cover their home in beautiful prints, but you’re not 100% sure.


A voucher for any amount which can be put towards an equine photography session. This is perfect for the friend who you’ve heard say they’d love to get an equine photography session, but hasn’t made that leap yet.

To secure your voucher, get in touch below.

You can view more of my work on my portfolio.

Do you have more equine gift ideas or businesses which deserve a mention? You can let me know via the comments below, or on social media!

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Pop-up studio at horse shows

Group sessions with friends or at your agistment available on request

Seasonal mini sessions (sunflower, autumn, lavender, wattle, Christmas mini sessions)

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